dunnhumbyUSA and TRA Looking To Close Gap On Television Ad Targeting For CPG Companies

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September 6, 2011 – 12:09 am

dunnhumbyUSA and TRAdunnhumbyUSA, a joint venture of The Kroger Company and London-based, global brand consultant dunnhumby, and TRA, a TV marketing and analytics company, recently announced a partnership that "leverages dunnhumbyUSA’s data, expertise, customer relationships and analytics to accelerate TRA’s leading solution linking TV viewership and shopper purchase behavior." The goal is to improve CPG companies' advertising effectiveness on TV with consumers. Read the release.

Stuart Aitken is CEO of dunnhumbyUSA and Mark Lieberman is Chairman and CEO of TRA. They discussed the announcement and its implications with TVexchanger.com.

AdExchanger.com: Why is TRA's solution appropriate for CPG in particular? What problem(s) need to be solved?

MARK LIEBERMAN: For decades, buyers and sellers of media have struggled with antiquated demographic-based media planning approaches. Trying to reach the right audience based on age/sex demographics is however -- at its core -- a surrogate for understanding purchasing behavior as it correlates to media consumption. TRA has broken the mold with a single-source approach that removes the guess work from the equation by matching anonymous TV tuning data from set-top boxes directly with purchasing data from frequent shopper cards.

For CPG advertisers this means getting more bang for your advertising buck by increasing the return on your media investments while at the same time cutting waste. Advertisers in the CPG space and elsewhere are under constant pressure to deliver growth and must execute with accountability and nobody helps them do that with their TV budgets better than TRA.

While TRA’s patented Media TRAnalytics has been leading the marketplace as the only platform that integrates television viewing and consumer purchase information, the solution becomes even stronger combined with data from dunnhumbyUSA and the expertise and deep relationships it has in the CPG space. This partnership will be an important accelerant for the industry, helping media buyers and sellers to deliver more effective media plans.

On dunnhumbyUSA's side, what was the trigger for the deal with TRA?

STUART AITKEN: Understanding and improving media effectiveness is a logical step-change in our offering as we continue to work towards delivering value and personalization to clients and their customers in innovative and impactful ways. We identified TRA as the right partner because of their Media TRAnalytics software which is the only platform that integrates both television viewing habits with customer purchase behavior. They are an innovator within the fast growing space of media analytics and have an established presence within the media and research marketplace.

Can you provide a use case for how TRAs offering and this partnership will help your clients?

STUART AITKEN: This partnership with TRA will give our clients a more holistic, integrated understanding of their customers along the path to purchase; connecting insights from in-store to online and now to TV, enabling them to deliver more personalized content to their customers in multiple channels. By giving clients the ability to ensure that their ads will reach the right audience, it will help both media buyers and brand advertisers optimize their media plans. It will also provide clients with the flexibility of custom analytics regarding campaign success and results in addition to advanced targeting insights based on viewers’ product purchase behavior.

Looking ahead, what is the biggest challenge for TV buyers?  

MARK LIEBERMAN: In the current economic climate, costs are carefully monitored and efficiency is king.  Advertisers face increasing challenges to drive increases in ROI in order to justify that every dollar spent is a smart one. By giving advertisers the tools to spend a more confident dollar, we’re empowering them to make smarter and more effective buys by helping them find the right audience. TV continues to be the best branding medium and advertisers use TV ads to sell more products; now they can plan and buy media in a way that will improve their ROI and grow their sales.

What's your view on the online to offline (and vice versa) data opportunity ahead and why it's important?

STUART AITKEN: The promise of digital data is great but realizing that promise requires integration of offline and online data assets. Online data has the potential to fill in traditional gaps along the path to purchase and help companies more fully understand a customer’s decision process, shedding light on the drivers and influencers between awareness and purchase. There is also a great opportunity to decipher the connection between loyalty and advocacy, and build both together, which is an exciting prospect. Moving forward, it will be increasingly important to maintain a pervasive strategy that delivers personalization across both digital and in-store silos, connecting social media with in-store promotions for example. While the challenge is to do this consistently, companies that can continue to understand each channel in relation to their best customers will win with customers both offline and online.

By John Ebbert

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September 6, 2011 – 12:09 am

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