Videology: Clickthroughs Vs. Completion Rates? Advertisers Need Both

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March 26, 2012 – 10:44 am

Videology CTR IndexWhile advertisers often complain about the lack of a single measurement for determining the value of their online ads, particularly when it comes to the fast-growing video category, ultimately, they really just want to know whether their placements drove awareness, favorability, consideration, purchase intent, or actual sales.

Often, the arguments tend to focus on a specific method of measurement -- say, clickthrough rates or completion rates -- as the most thorough answer. A new Videology study (see the white paper here) looks to sidestep the choosing of sides in favor of showing how those two metrics are best used in concert, suggesting it's time to end either/or viewpoints.

The main point: if a viewer doesn’t click on a spot before the halfway point, that viewer is less likely to click at all. The study found that clickthrough rates reach their highest point once a video has been seen halfway through. Videology says that viewers are almost 3x more likely to click on a video advertisement at the 25- to 50 percent viewing mark compared to the baseline of completion. Similarly, if a viewer does not click by the 75 percent viewing mark, they are likely to complete the entire ad.

Videology points to previous estimates that suggest clickthroughs tend to be higher for :30 second spots as opposed to :15 second spots. In keeping with that, the study found that :30 second spots outperform the general CTR stats by 14 percent, while :15 second spots underperform by 28%.

The obvious point is that in order to reduce a wasted effort, marketers hoping for a clickthrough using :15 second spots must work harder by making the spot highly creative, inserting the call to action almost immediately,  or somehow making sure that the content and ad are contextually or demographically relevant to the viewer.

Advertisers using :30 second messages also do better when they prompt a click early on, still find a benefit from having even seven more seconds before click through levels drop significantly.

Videology also hoped to find out what happens after a video ad is completely viewed. Looking at a :30 second ad for an unidentified insurance marketer, those who were exposed to the online video campaign were "45 percent more likely to request a quote within the next week than those not exposed."

Quote requests were monitored 5-8 days after ad exposure, so it's hard to know how long that impact of a completed ad view really lasts. But as online publishers continue to ask when will the kind of dollars spent on a TV ad start to parallel an online video spot, these kinds of numbers could help push marketers to do just that as they shift more traditional media spending into digital.

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March 26, 2012 – 10:44 am
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  2. This is great research (from one of our partners) that clearly shows why chasing clicks in linear video is a fools errand.


    By Corey Kronengold on Mar 26, 2012

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