Experian Digital Ad Services GM Balducci On Kantar Media Deal And Addressable Media

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June 22, 2011 – 12:03 am

Experian and Kantar MediaLast week, Experian Marketing Services announced a new deal to share its demographic data through the DIrectTV viewing audience segments that Kantar Media offers through its DIRECTView service. The release explains, "The initiative with Experian Marketing Services is part of Kantar Media’s Data Partner Program, which integrates the anonymous viewing behavior data from DIRECTView with internal and external datasets to provide marketers, media buyers and sellers with new sales and marketing tools and enhanced analytics for more effective media planning and ROI assessment." Read more.

Mike Balducci, general manager of Experian Digital Advertising Services, a unit of Experian Marketing Services, discussed the partnership and its implications.

TVexchanger.com: This announcement speaks to Experian's direct marketing expertise and direct response television - but what does it say for brand advertisers as it relates to targeted television?

MB: Nearly every, if not all brand advertisers have direct marketing programs and through these marketing programs they have a very specific definition of their customers and prospects.  These definitions are built through a combination of first and third party data, such as Experian’s ConsumerView data. Historically speaking brand advertisers have not been able to effectively target and measure the performance of their television media advertising programs against their target audiences.  Through our partnership with Kantar Media, brand advertisers can now integrate their specific audience segments with actual television tuning and measure the effectiveness of these media programs using the same performance metrics that they measure their direct marketing programs.  This will be a major game changer for brand advertisers allowing them to drive incremental and higher returns from their TV advertising spend.

Why is DirectView's audience important -specifically and generally speaking?

The DirectView audience is important because it has a sufficient and reliable scale to produce complete and accurate performance measurement results for advertisers and networks. The resolution of the audience is specifically important because it allows for the integration with third-party or proprietary data sources, such as Experian’s ConsumerView database which combines data sources to deliver the most complete and accurate 360-degree view of consumers.

What is Experian's overall vision for its place in media?  And then, how does this announcement relate?

Addressable advertising is natural evolution for Experian Marketing Services and we are bringing our successful history of managing and providing aggregated data and analytics for direct marketing in a manner that is simple to use, highly efficient and secure and respectful of consumer privacy.  If you believe - as we do - that much of mass media is becoming direct, due to advances in technology, then it is essential to evolve our business model to capitalize on that shift.  We support marketers by making this transition easy and flexible, while not losing any of the product quality, consistency and exceptional client services that the market depends on us for.

The Kantar Media announcement is one of many capabilities that we are enabling to help our clients benefit from the changing media landscape:  simply put we want to help our clients drive incremental results from their marketing programs by offering them simple to use integrated digital marketing services.

How do you see Experian's relationship with Kantar Media evolving?

Kantar Media provides its services in 50 countries across the globe and this aligns very well with Experian’s global footprint where our products and services are offered across 41 countries – and our clients cover approximately 80 different countries.  I think we both see opportunities to expand our product integrations into new geographies where we have significant overlap. I think we also see the opportunities to continue to acquire and integrate new data sources that help our clients drive incremental results from their media programs.  Both Kantar Media and Experian Marketing Services are fully committed to helping our clients adapt and take advantage of the rapid changes that occurring in the global media ecosystem and I think this is a key factor that will enable this to be a very successful partnership for both companies.

By John Ebbert

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June 22, 2011 – 12:03 am

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