SVP Siegel Discusses New Ford Deal And Rovi’s Interactive, Digital TV Advertising Network

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August 23, 2011 – 12:03 am

Rovi and FordLast Wednesday, Rovi Corporation announced that it is "collaborating with Ford Motor Company on a comprehensive digital TV advertising program across the Rovi Advertising Network." The company says that its approach to advertising on digital TV is unique and uses an ad banner within the TV guide which viewers use to select programming. Read the release.

Jeff Siegel is SVP of Advertising at ROVI. He discussed the deal with Ford and its implications. What would you say is the tipping point for a company such as Ford to buy on Rovi's ad network?

JS: I believe our customers have repeatedly seen the value of reaching the living room audience when they are in active search mode. Specifically for Ford, they are able to engage with their targeted and enable them to explore the numerous innovative features of its vehicles on their big screen TV through their remote control.

Looking at the user, why does a banner ad within the TV guide work?

Based on Rovi's guide usage data, 86% of consumers use their guides, and with an average of 12 visits a day and 18 minutes a day.

When viewers visit their Guide, or internet connected platform (TVs, and Blu-Rays) they are searching for content. During this process, they will engage with whatever subject matter that interests them whether it's sports, news, apps, or automotive content from Ford & Lincoln. The pertinent and compelling messaging that provided to them ceases to be an "ad", and instead becomes a content choice.

Are the ads able to address down to a one-to-one or household level communication? Any sense of what is still to come here?

Rovi targets ads based on certain common, anonymous methods like geography, daypart, or program genre. With RFI and other capabilities, a consumer may "opt-in" to become personally engaged in an ad and develop a more personal relationship with the marketer.

What type of advertiser is best-suited for the Rovi Ad Network: brand or direct response?

The Rovi Ad Network is well suited for both Brand and Direct Response advertisers, and we've seen high success with both. Our high reach and frequency in an uncluttered environment generates incredible awareness valuable to today's marketers, like Ford. Rovi's interactive ad units in the Guide have been tremendously successful connecting viewers to branded content, as well as driving calls-to-action through promotion of a 1-800 number, or URL. Our evolving capabilities, particularly on connected platforms, allows for more direct interaction through the remote control and will include functionalities important to both brand and direct Response advertisers: click-to-call; opt-in e-mail; social media and sharing; and commerce.

By John Ebbert

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August 23, 2011 – 12:03 am
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  2. Seems like a stretch. 86% of which consumers are using their guides? Who is using set top boxes? Who has cable? Who is clicking on these ads? I would bet the CPAs are GINORMOUS. This seems extremely experimental and if the stats are so great, why is this not being publicized more? Why are we not buying Rovi ads for our other clients?! And who is in this 'ad network'? 


    By Create on Aug 24, 2011

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