Viacom’s CMT Turns To ‘Personalized’ Online Promos With Eyeview, Adobe To Boost Tune-In

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March 27, 2012 – 6:45 pm

MTV Networks' country-culture channel CMT will be extending promotions for two new series to the web with a targeted twist thanks to a deal with Adobe and ad tech firm Eyeview.

When ads for the CMT shows, Bayou Billionaires and My Big Redneck Vacation, are presented to someone while online, the video spots will play with information that reflects the location that person is watching, such as providing them a listing of the specific cable channel they can see CMT on. The online ads are updated to also reflect the changing times the shows are on in repeats.

In an interview with TVexchanger, Tal Riesenfeld, Eyeview co-founder and VP of Business Development, claimed that tests of the company's "personalization"  technology drove a 40 percent increase in click through rates compared to a non-personalized tune-in creative.  He also pointed to a brand awareness study the company commissioned from  Vizu brand that said the promos boosted "expressed viewing intent" by 21 percent when the creative featured specific local details on show times and channels. The notion of targeting driving more awareness sounds reasonable -- if you focus on the right audience and offer a detailed call to action, such as "call this number," it's natural that an advertiser will generally see some sort of lift in awareness.

And it's coming at a time when some TV networks are seeing sharp ratings declines -- not a good thing for sellers in the weeks before the upfront negotiations start. The WSJ's  Sam Schechner pointed to Nielsen numbers that showed that Viacom's flagship MTV saw the number of viewers 12 to 34 years old for prime-time shows drop 24 percent, as reality hit Jersey Shore appears to be waning.

With the need to drive ratings by niche channels like CMT becoming more competitive, the network has already agreed to work with Eyeview on additional promotions next month. Eyeview has already worked with other Viacom properties TVLand and BET.

While the arrangement between Eyeview and CMT is a direct one, Adobe is an important part of the process, Riesenfeld hastened to add.

"Adobe is now moving into online advertising aggressively," Riesenfeld noted. "And our technology and abilities can complement their inventory, especially for these kinds of tune-in campaigns, which depend on personalization and targeting."

By David Kaplan

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March 27, 2012 – 6:45 pm

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